Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tool #1

VOKI is one of my favorite tools for ESOL. I used it this spring with my students. They created their VOKI avatar and then combined it with an original poem. The fact that VOKI can give a voice to their words is a great way for ESOL students to practice their pronunciation while enjoying listening to their own words and poetic expression!


  1. How wonderful that you used this with our ESL students. I can imagine how much they enjoyed listening to their own words and how much confidence it gave them in their English abilities. I look forward to using this next year, hopefully you can give my some pointers...

  2. I really like voki also. Last year we used it in Ms. Garcia-Wheeler's classes. They wrote poetry. Made a voki and had the voki speak the poems. Then they all presented in class. It was great.